Women looking for man in tirol

women looking for man in tirol

1939 Wound Badge, Silver Grade, by "26".
Good looking aluminum-based RLB (Air Raid Protection League or Reichsluftschutzbund) EM/NCO's Belt Buckle, First Pattern, with Crank-Catch. .1934 DAF Flight Day Badge.Miniature 3/4 Sized Luftwaffe Dagger by "SMF" with "Niedersächsische Tageszeitung hannover" Advertising on Blade.These were often presented at the wedding of a couple with this example being overall excellent plus condition. .J." Game Warden's Badge.Nationalsocialistische Frauenschaft (National Socialist Woman's League) Membership Badge, Second Pattern.Kriegsmarine U-Boat Badge by "L/56".Spange to the 1939 Iron Cross, Second Class, Prinzen Size.Italian Fascist Campo Mussolini Medal. .1935 Brigade 35 Leipzig Day Badge.N.S.-Frauenschaft Gau Franken Membership Badge.This factory had only produced a handful of cars what woman looking for men by the time war started in 1939.Good looking Nordfront Cross with perfect enamel. .Army/Waffen-SS Close Combat Clasp, Silver Grade, by "FLL".I have had one before from a different ddac group. .Italian Sleeve Shield 7th Division.Cased First Place Medal for the Reich's Party Day (Reichsparteitag) 1939.Complete with the original case found and associated with this badge. .Police EM/NCO's Belt Buckle by "J.F.S" with Matching Tab.German "Deutsche Reichsbahn" Railroad Eagle, Large Size, by "HE".
These were worn by Waffen-SS and Army Paratroopers and although this example is un-marked it was made by Juncker with this piece being a textbook example. .
Veteran's Association Insignia, Padded.