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The new director will soon get the firm started.
Mabel Discusses Top 10 Hits and Staying True to Herself.
Help me to get the washing in, it's raining.
What time does the bus get (in)to Chicago?Get to Know: Dermot Kennedy, get to Know: Confidence Man, get to Know: The Aces.Who are some of your favoriters?So what are you waiting for?I can't get over your news, I would never have thought it possible!The snow was so deep that the climbers could not get through to the hut.Do you have any pets?Music, get To Know: Suzi Wu, music, get To Know: RuthAnne, get To Know: Kara Marni, get To Know: hrvy.It took him just ten minutes to get the car through the traffic.This new car gets away faster than any of our former models.The children didn't quite get onto what the teacher was saying.) If you are clever, you can sometimes get round the tax laws.What is your favorite store?He got 20 for this work.) She got stung by a bee.The captain got his ship into the harbour safely in spite of rough sea.You'll get a spanking when your father comes home.) I can't get at university of essex 360 tour the top branches, can you bring the ladder?We finally got round to answering our correspondence.Get me a pillow.
I finally got to work at home.