Woman wanted to get to know

What is the most heartwarming thing youve ever seen?
No matter if you ask her woman looking for the direction to the nearest grocery store, if you ask her for her female opinion on the birthday present for your imaginary sister, or if you have the nerve to ask her whether women or men lie moreyou.
Telling you that approaching women is wrong is nothing but a desperate attempt to prevent you from reaching your goals.
Oh Ive got plenty for you.Whos your go to band or artist when you cant decide on something to listen to?How to Approach Women: Behave As If She Is Already Yours Imagine you have just stopped a girl and you are standing right in front of her.What would your perfect room look like?However, when a guy pretends that he has the confidence of an alpha male, all a woman has to do to find out if he is a fake, is put even more pressure on him by being bitchier, colder or by not really engaging.In what situation or place would you feel the most out of place in?For most women, to successfully attract and secure an alpha male into a relationship means that they have to chase after HIM and do whatever it takes to get HIS attention.The thing that makes a man feel like a man is respect.Whats the most surprising self-realization youve had?When a man holds a woman close to his heart, he absolutely cares about her well-being and feelings.Who doesnt want more of a good time when theyve had it, right?Why did you decide to do the work you are doing now?What one thing do you really want but cant afford?In the following lines I want to show you why I think that the direct approach wins against the indirect approach, without claiming that my way is the only possible way.What kind of art do you enjoy most?Which of your scars has the best story behind it?Knowing what makes a woman angry, happy, sad, frustrated, delighted, etc with a man.He shares personal details, if a man trusts you, hell tell you intimate details about himselfthings he may not even tell his parents or best friend about.Screaming you are fucking sexy in environments in which you are surrounded by a lot of people might not be the best idea.
What mistake do you keep making again and again?

She Wants You to Know That She Wants to Chase YOU.
What do you do when you approach a girl in an indirect way?