Woman to get to know slowly

Figure out what she's good at (it could be sports, academics, her job) and what she takes pride.
Youre there for the good times and the bad times.
Youre really fun to be around.
Be honest, but dont be blunt or insulting.By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy.You've already had your chance to be funny and share your humor.Engage in long discussions.Look at some related wikiHows to improve your conversation, appearance and confidence.It will allow you to watch how she interacts with others.Avoid making your schedule completely open to her.Use good table manners, open doors for her, and be kind to others.You dont want to come across as the person who is obsessed with her and will do anything to be in her life.This might be the way she smiles, the way she laughs, and more.Take care to shower every day, wear clean clothes, style your hair and shave, and wear deodorant and cologne.You dont want to come across as a braggart, as arrogant, or as overly confident.Being a good listener is crucial if you want to get a girl to fall for you.12 2 Never tell lies to her.Think about what your best traits are and look for ways to put them on same sex dating show display.Maintain the friendship, but move on and find another romantic interest.Just make sure that your compliments are direct and thoughtful.If who you are makes it so she doesnt want to be close to you, thats okay.In order to take your casual flirty friendship to the next level, you will need to ask her out on a date at some point.But be careful and consider: Showing affection may include hugs, snuggling, kissing, and even thoughtful and loving looks and comments.
While its both a good thing and very tempting to try to talk yourself up when you initially meet her, this could be dangerous.
You want to do everything you can to come across as an interesting, relaxed, and likeable person.