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Ultimately, our aim is to provide leaders with the tools to enable them to create equal opportunities for both men and women essex term dates 2012 the WEF spokesman said.
Zahidi, whose teams report on the future of work is published on Monday, identified two potential causes for the stalled progression of women in business.The US president Donald Trump, who is expected to attend Davos this week, was partly responsible for unleashing this wave, she added.Christine Lagarde Managing director of the IMF The French lawyer and former cabinet minister has been the head of the International Monetary Fund since 2011, when she replaced the scandal-hit Dominique Strauss-Kahn.Just 21 of some 3,000 delegates are women.Singhas bank, the first run for and by rural women to get a co-operative banking licence, has reached hundreds of thousands of women.All-female panels are a very rare sight in Davos.More than 2,500 people business leaders, politicians such as Donald Trump, diplomats and the odd celebrity, such as Cate Blanchett will fly in for the 48th annual Davos meeting.For participants it is a festival of networking.Second, Zahidi said that even in high-growth sectors which typically employ lots of women such as education, health and the care sector the leadership positions are still dominated by men.Zoƫ Baird, president of the Markle Foundation, said there were noticeably fewer women when she first came to Davos 17 years ago.If you have experiences relating to this article that youd like to share, please email.Arriving in Davos, Burrow said: We have the power in our hands to really change.We are losing valuable opportunity to reduce gender inequality.As usual most delegates are men: just 17 of are women.With no queues for women at the bathrooms and corridors filled with men in suits, the World Economic Forum in the Swiss Alps may not reflect the real world, but it does reflect the upper echelons of corporate life.Were really looking at a worsening of inequality, particularly in IT but across all sectors, Zahidi said.This has been driven by corporate greed and profit, more than anything.She suggested the forum adopt a new approach: No women, no panel.Tsanova agreed: "I think we all feel the pressure, and see that we are underrepresented.In the world of work, using any set of indicators, progress for women has stagnated."I think this was the first time in my lifetime, and I am somebody who is in her fifties, that I've heard a world leader taking the initiative and showing the commitment to gender equality she said.
Davos 2018: Complete coverage, one man pushing for change in Davos was Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who delivered a staunchly feminist speech and later participated in a discussion devoted to education and empowerment.
These firms are entitled to bring four delegates, but if one is a woman they get an extra place.