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Followed by your actual emotions.
For men, the most desired female attributes were slim figures, large posteriors and firm breasts.Respondents confessed they craved 'location sex' and did not mind heading out into public to do the deed.As a woman, you want to know and feel that your partner is attracted to you, Thompson explains. .Baumgartner also points out that if your partner had a frustrating day, its best not to try to fix any of the problems she had.Debra Rogers, dating expert and author of the breakup book He Did You a Favor.If she wants to vent and you cant do anything to help, just let her get whatevers bothering her off her chest.Knowing you feel secure talking to them about any topic, no matter how sensitive, helps establish a deeper trust between you.Hold your eye roll.Tell your lady that you acknowledge and appreciate the hard work she does to maintain the household, whether thats paying a bill or cleaning the toilet or anything in between, suggests Dorani.Sometimes women just need to be heard and supported.Partners who not only commit themselves to this, but actively check in on what their significant other needs and follow-through are very likely to have happy mates.You can also show your wife your support with these thoughtful gestures.Women like to hear they are good in bed, says.Thirty of them, in factweve cobbled them all together right here, directly from top relationship experts.D, a licensed clinical psychologist in Colorado.And we have even more advice on how to impress dating site for youth any woman here.LovE, power, reply With", 09:59 PM #2, ooohhhh.Sometimes, women just want you to take a backseat and listen.Instead of telling your partner what they need to do, try to be more open and flexible, Rogers suggests.
Women love to hear your intimate thoughts and feelings, says Fisher.
Knowing that their partner feels that they are a blast to be around allows women to feel more confident and more settled in their relationship.

Just make sure you dont say any of the phrases never to say to a naked woman.