What to read women

what to read women

If youre interested in bringing marginalized voices to mainstream discussions, you can do that through reading or purchasing books by writers of color.
But from Harper Lee's cult classic, to Kill A Mockingbird, to childhood adventures like, alice in Wonderland, via the more recent masterpieces of Donna Tartt and Zadie Smith, there are hundreds of novels that every woman should read at least once in a lifetime.
We all know that womens young women meet in Switzerland words matter, so we should make a conscious effort to consume and share them.
If youre interested in sexism in a particular industry, read womens books about that industry.Post about it on your social media accounts.The Handmaid's Tale to Virginia Woolf's revolutionary, a Room of One's Own and coming-of-age novel, the Catcher In The Rye.D.When it comes to compiling your reading list, it can be easy to forget about the classic books that have paved the way for modern day writers, choosing to pick up the latest must-read instead of a cult novel.From stories of female genital mutilation in Egypt to examinations of rap lyrics and the personal politics of race, Daviss biting, brilliant prose solidifies her place among the important feminist voices of our era.Of course, not everyone with a story to tell gets to write a book about.You can support women running for office.We know it seems like a lot of reading, but you've got a whole lifetime to do it in!You can frequent women-owned businesses.With so many different options and so few hours in the day, it can be overwhelming to choose what to read next and tough to know where she's looking for couple for sex to start if you want to make reading a habit.The idea is simple: If you know a woman who has written a book and you want to support that woman, you should buy that book.You can donate to organizations like.If you want to learn more about cultural appropriation, seek out books that discuss that.Making a deliberate choice about what you read, and what writers to support by making a purchase, is a meaningful act.To read more of HuffPosts Womens History Month coverage head here, or follow along with HuffPost.Well, we've handpicked the 40 we think you should read first, from Margaret Atwood's dystopian classic.You'll discover authors you'd somehow forgotten about and open up brand new genres of fiction that you never knew you loved.Women have been talking about things like sexual assault and workplace harassment for yearsand the wider public is finally listening.Here are 35 books by women authors published in the past five years.If an author is coming to your city on a book tour, you can attend one of her events (which are almost always free).