What is the maturity date for ee savings bonds

The Series E bond was launched on April 30, 1941 by President Roosevelt as a way of funding World War.
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For example: A face-value 100 electronic.
They are very attractive investments - and you don't want to cash them in before dating in the uk tips maturity because you are still getting such a good deal.Gov, they don't have the appeal of savings bonds which once were available in 25 face amounts, purchased at a discount.The following chart shows the original term for Series EE Savings Bonds: Issue Date Original Term 01/80 - 10/80 11 years 11/80 - 04/81 9 years 05/81 - 10/82 8 years 11/82 - 10/86 10 years 11/86 - 02/93 12 years 03/93 - 04/95.Bonds will continue to earn interest from 17 years through 30 years at the rates then in effect.Make sure YOU know what your bonds ARE worth before cashing IN!Those quaint old pieces of paper that you bought out of thrift or patriotism or received as a birthday gift are now worth a lot of money!And some people, including myself, still have them!This simple tool lets you calculate how long it would take to double your investment at a given rate of return.Electronic Series, eE, savings Bonds are purchased at face value.1982 Through February 1993.The value of the bonds would be based on the announced rates applied over the initial 21-month period.However, it is important to note that some debt instruments, such as fixed-income securities, are "callable which means that the issuer of the debt is able to pay back the principal at any time.The minimum purchase of an electronic.Looking for values of US Savings Bonds?Thus, it took less time for the bonds to compound from their cost (half of face value) to their full face value.
Series E Savings Bonds, which were withdrawn from sale.
A 30-year Treasury bond, at its time of issue, offers interest payments for 30 years (every six months in the case of a Treasury Bond) and, in 30 years, the principal it loaned out.

Step 1, look at your savings bond and make a note of the issue date.