What is perpetual maturity date

The downside is that you cannot simply hold one of these bonds until maturity in hopes of receiving a lump sum payment; if the bond falls in value, you must sell it in the open market.
The market lot is of Rs 10 lakhs.
Equity capital and disclosed reserves) for banks.For banks, perpetual bonds help to fulfill the bank's capital reserve requirements.Time drafts or bills of exchange drawn 30 days after sight mature 30 days after acceptance, the maturity being fixed by computing the date 30 days thereafter. .The terminating or due date of a note, time draft, acceptance, bill of exchange, bond etc; the date a time instrument of indebtedness becomes due and payable,.g., a 60-day note become due and payable at the expiration of that period. .This means that by holding a perpetual bond, you also face reinvestment risk because the bond is likely to be called only if rates fall.In other words the minimum investment has to be Rs 10 lakhs or above.However, an option would be given to the investor to redeem them after a certain period say 5 years or 10 years.Recently a number of Banks like Bank of India, Bank of Maharashtra and idbi Bank have issued such bonds. .They donot have any maturity date. .P erpetual bonds are fixed income instruments without defined maturity dates.As to maturity, bonds may be classified in four groups: (1) obligatory maturity without provision for prior redemption, (2) obligatory maturity with prior redeemability with or without a premium, (3) indeterminate maturity,.e., no definite maturity indicated but redeemable after a certain date at the.This is especially important if the interest rates fall sharply and the issuer needs to reduce the interest cost.Most fixed income instruments pay a fixed interest rate to the holder until a specified new mexico adult personals date, and principal is then returned.If you are considering Retirement Planning, call for a free consultation today.Information Financial Terms This page, maturity, source: Encyclopedia of Banking Finance (9h Edition) by Charles J Woelfel (We recommend this as work of authority.).As a result, in a competitive market, they are an attractive source of capital, but does offer Risk as with any investment.
These instruments are often treated as equity because they will make payments forever.

There is no specified date when this must happen, but after an initial non-callable period (often 5 years the issuer may call the bond at its discretion.
Time drafts should therefore be presented for acceptance as soon as possible whenever it is desirable to bring the maturity at the earliest possible date.
 At present you can get these bonds from the market with a pre tax yield.50.00 which is very attractive.