West sussex sen local offer

The senco at Woodstock will work together with the family to agree ambitious outcomes for identified children and set clear progress targets, and be clear in their planning about how agreed resources are going to support the child to reach the targets.
The class teacher will be happy to talk to you about your childs progress and any other issues as often as you both feel is necessary.Areas are also painted yellow and windows have stickers on them for sight impaired children.Go to EHC meetings with you.If your child has an Education, Health and Care Plan or receives SEN Support the ILP (Individual Learning Plan) will specify how much support your child receives.I have worked with the Senco and other specialists.This is called the Individual Education Plan (IEP).If you have any questions about Woodstock and whether this might be the best nursery for your child, please contact the Manager, Anne Shrieves.Woodstock encourages parents to feel like they are part of the nursery by facilitating family days, parent-keyperson evenings, parent focus evenings and the parent forum, enabling parents to meet each other and possibly build friendships and arrange for their families to meet outside of nursery.At this meeting we will discuss the support your child has received in the current terms and whether they will need continued support in the following terms.If we feel that a childs safety can only be ensured through one to one attention then we would only be able to take that child if enough adults were available.When a child has medical needs we put together a Health Care plan together with the parent, school nurse and Mrs Cramer (our Welfare TA to ensure the child is safe and that staff are aware of the childs specific needs.We feel that we know who supports our child at school.Woodstock has a Parent Forum and you are very welcome to join.For example, in November we looked at fireworks, autumn leaves and puddles.Themes for the Family Saturdays, the names for our age groups in the nursery.We will have allocated a Keyperson and by the time the child starts we will have strived to build a relationship between the child and Keyperson and at least one other practitioner so that the child will accept comfort when needed.Some useful contacts for parents/carers: /parentpartnership West Sussex Parent Partnership Service (Helpline) West Sussex Parents Forum (email: ) Special Educational Needs Co ordinators (Sencos) from Local Schools Chesswood Junior School: Vaness Radcliff (Tel: 204141) Downsbrook Primary School: James Butts ( Tel:230476 ) Durrington Infant and.Frequently asked questions.How does the school know if my child needs extra help and what should I do if I think my child may have special needs?There are staff in school who have been specially trained to help my child.

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