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Helicopters from nearby bases flew to Tamuz, were armed with the Sarin-laden R-400s and other conventional ordnance.
Senior military officers and former Regime officials were uncertain about the existence of WMD during the sanctions period and the lead up to Operation Iraqi Freedom because Saddam looking for sex job in johannesburg sent mixed messages.
According to Abd-al-Tawab Abdallah Al Mullah Huwaysh, Saddam was very stiff when he discussed this situation with his ministers some three weeks later, and was obviously still feeling the pressure.When he gave his trust to someone, he didnt want to hear criticism about that person, according to Ali Hasan Al Majid.He believed that during the Iran-Iraq war chemical weapons had best find page halted Iranian ground offensives and that ballistic missile attacks on Tehran had broken its political will.The RCC also considered foreign policy issues but usually in the form of briefings from Saddam or expert staff and usually did little more than endorse the decision Saddam had already determined.His subordinates remained fearful of him, and they were incapable of common action against him or key policies.The Regime drew attention to everything from poor sanitation to the absence of electric power; the main effort, however, focused on the impact of sanctions upon children, especially those under five years of age.Analysts also used working groups to study themes and trendssuch as intelligence and security service activity, weaponization, dual-use/break-out capabilities and timeline analysisthat cut across ISGs functional teams, as well as to pool efforts to debrief members of the core leadership.Unscr 706, proposed allowing Iraq to export oil to pay for food, medicine, and compensation payments to Kuwait and cost of UN operations.Little short of the prospect of military action would get Saddam to focus on US policies.That the Regime would consider this option with Coalition forces still operating within Iraqs boundaries demonstrates both the dire nature of the situation and the Regimes faith in special weapons.After several initial Iraqi victories, stiff Iranian resistance, stopped and then rolled back Iraqi gains with heavy casualties on both sides.What Saddam Thought: External Concerns Saddam viewed Iraq as underdeveloped and therefore vulnerable to regional and global adversaries.No special security officer informing any commander that a chemical ammunition convoy was coming.The United States would seek to avoid another Vietnam, according to a former senior Bath party member.For many senior Iraqis, however, Qusays significance stemmed from his perceived influence on his father.Such a situation makes economic progress an unattainable wish in our greater Arab homeland.
The Guard was to be prepared to have an open house day or night for the unmovic inspectors.