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For those not familiar, the Titans include Dick Grayson aka. Robin, an acrobatic crime-fighter and Batman's former sidekick hence the chip on his shoulder towards the Caped Crusader ; Koriand'r aka. Starfire, an extraterrestrial being who can use ultraviolet radiation for a variety of purposes; Garfield Logan aka.

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When DC announced their new streaming service, DC Universe, it came with the confirmation that they would be greenlighting a live-action series based on the Teen Titans. The roster is largely the same, but there were concerns that DC lost something in the transition to live action. But first appearances can often be deceiving.

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Gotham without a whiff of fun. Like that guy I mentioned above, Titans has one messed up Dick. Detective Grayson, as he calls himself these days, is estranged from his adopted Bat-father Bruce Wayne and working as a detective in Detroit.

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Episodes will be available exclusively on the DC Universe streaming platform which is due to launch this autumn. The streaming service will only be available in the US at first but is set to be rolled out via other TV streamers eventually. Beast Boy has the power to transform into different shapes and sizes and any animal of his choice. As well as superhuman strength, agility, and endurance, Wonder Woman also possesses the Lasso of Truth, which forces anyone captured within it to obey her every command.

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A superhero show featuring a team that's more likely to face off against Santa Claus than super villains might not sound like a recipe for success, but somehow Teen Titans Go! The Cartoon Network series, now in its fifth season and about to make its feature film debuthas become one of the most popular children's programs on TV, but also, arguably the most successful DC Comics series airing right now, full stop. This is all despite or perhaps because of the fact that these animated misfits spend more time eating waffles and making fart jokes than they do actually fighting crime.

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Based on the DC Comics team Teen Titansthe series depicts a group of young heroes who join forces in their fight against evil. The pilot had been ordered by Decemberbut never came to fruition, with TNT announcing in January it would no longer be moving forward with the project. In Aprilit was announced that the series was being redeveloped for DC Universe as its first original scripted program with Goldsman, Johns, and Berlanti attached.

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In both iterations, Robin is usually characterized as the dutiful boy scout-like leader of the team, whose attitude often resembles Superman's more so than Batman's. His all-or-nothing approach to his heroic ambitions, as well as the running gag of his obliviousness to Starfire's crush on him, holds together the kid-friendly adolescent themes, despite some very dark episodes. Nevertheless, DC has made it abundantly clear that the live-action Titans is not for kids.

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Sign in. In order to prepare themselves for the Nuclear Family's next attack, Dick decides to put Kory, Gar, and Rachel through special training. Dick and Kory try to track down Rachel while Gar takes her to the house of the Doom Patrol for safety.

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Programs now have too much competition to stumble out the gate and leave a bad impression. But the truth is that even good TV series take several episodes before they hit their stride. But if you hang in, Titans turns a corner somewhere during the absolutely bonkers fourth episode titled Doom Patrol.

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Nightwing and the Teen Titans are coming to televisionthanks to a new DC-focused digital subscription TV serives, and the timing couldn't be better. Here's why Fans have been clamoring to see Nightwing in live-action for nearly twenty years. Sure, they teased us a little in the Joel Schumacher Batman films notably with elements of Chris O'Donnell's Robin costume in Batman and Robinand even more in The Dark Knight Rises I'd still pay several times to see Christopher Nolan direct Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a Nightwing moviebut we've never properly seen Dick Grayson strike out on his own in the black and blue or black and red, depending on which era you're reading garb.


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