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They were concerned because some teenagers werent showing up for appointments with their family doctors.A lot of adolescents I see are afraid to talk to their parents about certain issues because theyre afraid of being judged or that the parents wont understand.The family medicine staff had registered sex offenders gilbert az been floating the idea of an adolescent health clinic for a few years.The Youth Clinic.We really want the community to know that were open to any sexual orientation or gender identity; we are here to discuss your sexual health and not here to judge what you have done or are planning to do, she says.Having said that, we run into delicate issues that concern their health, and so we encourage them to speak with their parents about the issue, she says.For us, it was very important to put it out there for teenagers or people who have health issues and are afraid of being judged in society, says Zambito, who has had patients tell her about being refused care on moral grounds in other places.Joanie Chahine, right, at the Youth Clinic.Gettina Zambito, a nurse.Clinique Médicale Privée Dr Jean-Pierre Savaria.He happened to walk by and dropped in, and (the testing) was done on the spot.Marie-France Coallier is looking for alaska sexual / Montreal Gazette.By drop-in or appointment.We give them the tools for them to make safe decisions for their sexual practices, no matter what they choose to do or whom they choose to do it with, she explains.The 50 residents, additional medical students and nursing students receive valuable clinical experience dealing with an age group that tends to be shy about seeking medical care.The clinic also benefits.The young man had been carrying it around in his wallet.It welcomes patients age 14-25 every Tuesday afternoon.
According to the public health of Montreal, there was a rise in certain STIs such as chlamydia adult personals user reviews and gonorrhea in the past 10 years in the youth populations (14-25 so we needed to do our part to control and treat the spread of these infections.
The clinics promotional posters and flyers specify that it is open to all gender identities and sexual orientations.

This attitude is a key component of the philosophy behind the clinic, and it appears to be working.
She tried to give flyers to one of her patients so he could pass along the information to his friends.