Sexual assault exam guidelines

sexual assault exam guidelines

It may include unwanted kissing, touching or fondling, touching intimate parts of the free adult naughty ecard body or even the clothing covering intimate body parts.
Silence or non-communication must never be interpreted as consent.
Make sure that the person knows that the decision to take judicial or legal action rests with her/him.Explain that showering, brushing teeth, chewing gum, douching, changing clothes, drinking fluids or urinating before a medical exam may destroy important physical evidence.The Berea College community has ethical and moral values that all members of the community are expected to meet.If judicial charges are filed, the Judicial Officer will prepare the case and gather relevant information.Sexual assault is unwanted sexual contact where a persons consent has not been given.Should a victim wish to pursue criminal prosecution and/or civil litigation, the Department of Public Safety can provide assistance and information.This statement accompanies the completed Rape Kit but it is not an agreement to press charges.What happens when a person wants to pursue judicial action through the College?Hold Up, Is Caitlyn Jenner Adopting a Baby?!It is normal for someone who has been sexually assaulted to want to feel clean; however, bathing and other actions can destroy important physical evidence.If the student reports a sexual assault to other College faculty or staff, including student staff members, that person is obligated by federal legislation, including the Campus Security Act, to report the incident to Public Safety.Basic Advice to Assist the Victim.(Shutterstock katie McDonough, april 25, 2013 4:52pm (UTC in an effort to establish national standards for comprehensive medical care when victims of sexual assault seek help, the Department of Justice has issued new guidelines for medical examinations in cases of sexual assault.Pressuring him or her to take or not take action may further contribute to feelings of helplessness or powerlessness.Blue Grass Rape Crisis Center 24-hour hotline:, for Support and Assistance: We strongly recommend reporting a sexual assault to a College representative.However, the victim has the right to make a handwritten statement to Public Safety stating that they choose not to have the police involved.Once a sexual assault is reported, Public Safety is obligated to contact the victim for a statement and possibly to conduct an investigation.Please keep in mind that critical evidence may be lost should you wait to make a statement and/or press charges and that a full investigation cannot be done without your cooperation.You may also choose to have a medical exam done by College Health Services during office hours (8:30am 5:00pm M-F).
For Confidential maldon essex local paper Counseling, Guidance, and Treatment: Speaking with a trained counselor or advocate in a confidential environment can help you deal with what has happened and better understand the options available to you.