Sex offenders register police powers

A new address of an offender or hookup sex ed app sex offender;. .
(h) The license plate number and a description of all motor vehicles registered to or frequently driven by the offender or sex offender.
NRS 179D.470 Sex offender to notify appropriate agencies of change of address and provide updated information; duties and procedure.
A record of registration must include, if the information is available: (a) Information identifying the offender or sex offender, including, but not limited to: (1) The name of the offender or sex offender and all aliases that the offender or sex offender has used or under which.Sex offender means a person who, after July 1, 1956, is or has been convicted of a sexual offense listed in NRS 179D.097.Also, in order to comply with the Jacob Wetterling Act, states must operate a centralized, computerized registry, which is electronically transferable to the FBIs National Sex Offender Registry.Many Native American reservations do not have a central contact point to receive and disseminate criminal records.The following will be notified, on a confidential basis, of the existence of a registered sex offender: Head teachers, doctors, youth leaders, sports club managers, landlords.Goals of Registration, sex offender registration statutes are promoted as a means of: deterring offenders from committing future crimes; providing law enforcement with an additional investigative tool; and increasing public protection.The Central Repository shall share information pursuant to this section as expeditiously as possible under the circumstances.(c) A court having jurisdiction over juveniles.Since 1991, 38 of the 50 states (and the District of Columbia) have passed laws.Sex Offender Registration: Policy Overview and Comprehensive Practices.Lieb,., Quinsey,., and Berliner,.They operated as a means to drive out persons who were undesirable (Lieb et al, 1998).(Added to NRS by 1997, 1649 ; A 2001 Special Session, 225 ; 2013, 375 ) NRS 179D.170 Record and information concerning offender or sex offender provided to Federal Bureau of Investigation. .This makes it difficult for law enforcement to know which offenders must register when they relocate to another state.Register initially with the local law enforcement agency of the jurisdiction in which the offender or sex offender was convicted as required pursuant to NRS 179D.445 ;. .A majority of the members of the Committee constitutes a quorum for the transaction of business, and a majority of those members present at any meeting is sufficient for any official action taken by the Committee.Local law enforcement agency means:. .(Added to NRS by 2007, 2761 ) NRS 179D.450 Registration after conviction; duties and procedure; offender or sex offender informed of duty to register; naughty date test effect of failure to inform; duties and procedure upon receipt of notification from another jurisdiction or Federal Bureau of Investigation.

(Added to NRS by 1997, 1659 ; A 1999, 1305 ; 2001, 2062 ; 2007, 2770, 2017, 2982 ) NRS 179D.495 Duty of Central Repository to determine whether person is required to register as a Tier I, Tier II or Tier III offender. .
A resident or nonresident offender or sex offender shall immediately notify the appropriate local law enforcement agency if: (a) The offender or sex offender is, expects to be or becomes enrolled as a student at an institution of higher education or changes the date of commencement.