Sex offender registry helena montana

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The State of Montana maintains the Correctional Offender Network (CON an internet database that contains basic criminal records of felony offenders supervised by the Department of Corrections.
Information about an offenders custody status and location is available in real time through the vine service.You may not use any information obtained from OnlineSearches for any purpose covered by the fcra.3Sexual or violent offenders with questions about their registration should inquire in writing and include their full name, address and date of birth for identification purposes.Narrow your search by gender, race or offender type(inmate, probation, parole, and so forth).You can use this site to find an offenders number and correct name spelling for registration purposes, and to check on the offenders custody status and location.Registry information is in error, please use our contact page.arm, right upper - heart, dagger, anarchy sign, amerika the putrid, freak pride; hand, right.If you are not sure of the spelling, try entering the first few letters of the last name, or the first name and initial of the last name, or the initials of the first and last name.Find out more about the fcra here."jalene full body (only when entire body is covered) - "full body finger(s left hand - tribal dating for affair art on all fingers; forearm, left; arm, right, nonspecific; finger(s right hand; forearm, right - still, mom, 2 roses, dagger, dragon; finger(s left hand; neck - tribal art.Weight: 150, contact essex wildlife trust marks/Scars/Tattoos: forehead - tribal art, "666 upside down cross; thigh, left - dragon w/dagger, band w/pentagram; thigh, right - girl w sword, banner w 666; hand, left; leg, left, nonspecific - mushroom, jester, cross, "fuck happiness smiley faces, (2)frogs, tribal art; abdomen.Flames; finger(s left hand - f e a r, tribal on all fingers; hand, right - rege, 666, santanas, flames; arm, left, nonspecific; forearm, left - "born cross, flames, dog, cover up; leg, right, nonspecific - jester, flames, bombs, pentagram, moon, sun, stars, banner.