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2 The Framers drew heavily upon Blackstones formulation, adopting provisions in early State Constitutions that replicated Magna Cartas language, but were modified to refer specifically to life, liberty, or property.
Windsor, supra, at _ (slip., at 14).Attorney General, 2013 WL 6044329 (MD., Nov.The Constitution itself says nothing about marriage, and the how to find registered sex offenders in ontario Framers thereby entrusted the States with the whole subject of adult dating free blog the domestic relations of husband and wife.When the majority turns to the law, it relies primarily on precedents discussing the fundamental right to marry.Under the centuries-old doctrine of coverture, a married man and woman were treated by the State as a single, male-dominated legal entity.Stripped of its shiny rhetorical gloss, the majoritys argument is that the Due Process Clause gives same-sex couples a fundamental right to marry because it will be good for them and for society.The Members of this Court have the authority and the responsibility to interpret and apply the Constitution.And many, including some evangelical Protestant denominations, the Catholic Church, the Mormon church and Orthodox Jewish groups, oppose gay marriage on religious grounds.They fell in love and started a life together, establishing a lasting, committed relation.When the American Psychiatric Association published the first Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in 1952, homosexuality was classified as a mental disorder, a position adhered to until 1973.479, 502 (1965) (Harlan,., concurring in judgment).Surely the Constitution does not put either the legislative branch or the executive branch in the position of a television quiz show contestant so that when a given period of time has elapsed and a problem remains unresolved by them, the federal judiciary may press.The purpose of insisting that implied fundamental rights have roots in the history and tradition of our people is to ensure that when unelected judges strike down democratically enacted laws, they do so based on something more than their own beliefs.The Court, like many institutions, has made assumptions defined by the world and time of which it is a part.S., at 125, an approach grounded in history imposes nurnberg Dating limits on the judiciary that are more meaningful than any based on an abstract formula, Moore, 431. .510 (1925 Meyer, 262. .S., at 303; United States.B Aside from undermining the political processes that protect our liberty, the majoritys decision threatens the religious liberty our Nation has long sought to protect.Instead, it would have included a right to engage in the very same activities that petitioners have been left free to engage inmaking vows, holding religious ceremonies celebrating those vows, raising children, and otherwise enjoying the society of ones spousewithout governmental interference.
The majority appears unmoved by that inevitability.

Worse, it invites judges to do exactly what the majority has done here roam at large in the constitutional field guided only by their personal views as to the  fundamental rights  protected by that document.
Indeed, faced with a disagreement among the Courts of Appealsa disagreement that caused impermissible geographic variation in the meaning of federal lawthe Court granted review to determine whether same-sex couples may exercise the right to marry.
And in Turner, the Court again acknowledged the intimate association protected by this right, holding prisoners could not be denied the right to marry because their committed relationships satisfied the basic reasons why marriage is a fundamental right.