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"The court's decision demonstrates once again how negligent and ignorant state legislators can be when they focus on one problem stalking and then try to criminalize any similar conduct that might make one person local tip sussex fearful of or uncomfortable in the presence of another." Pew Charitable.
Chicago violence, chicago Sun-Times: "Emanuel's private emails filled with complaints about crime"."While praising Cook Countys actions to shrink the jail population, one research organization slammed unreasonable hoops the county makes people jump through who want hard numbers. .But face up must mean more than simply acknowledging that funding cuts have damaged public safety and eviscerated opportunities for youth to avoid delinquent behavior and, in turn, escape poverty and prison."A Chicago man is suing the city and several retired Chicago Police officers, demanding dozens of criminal investgations be reopened after he sat behind bars for more than two decades, convicted of a crime he didnt commit." laquan Mcdonald Chicago Tribune by Megan Crepeau: "Lawyers.They can't tell you this is what happened at Point."Among the recommendations is a revision to automatically remove low-level offenders from the public registry after a set time, a move that could allow law enforcement to focus tracking efforts on high-risk individuals. ."At a recent ceremony recognizing Champaign County employees for their years of service, many were excitedly talking about retirements plans.5, Judge Tom Difanis "quashed or set aside, 2,547 outstanding warrants for people who have unresolved city or village ordinance violations, some issued as long ago as 2001. .Attorney John Lausch lays out priorities" Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: "U.S.The 10-year-veteran detective worked off directives from the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board, which trains and certifies officers across the state."I can't emphasize enough how much of a role that we as police officers have in this he said, then paused.Louis Post-Dispatch: "Gun ban in subsidized housing gets court challenge from East.When they do seek charges, prosecutors often decline the request, victim advocates say."The Chicago Police Department has concluded a pilot diversion program offering the option of treatment rather than prosecution and jail for people arrested for buying and selling heroin."Maryland saw the largest drop, with 1,916 people exiting state custody, representing.6 percent decrease, according to the report."In the first examination of its kind, the Chicago Tribune and ProPublica Illinois found that 85 percent of disciplinary cases handled adult dating sites reviews through the Chicago Police Departments grievance process since 2010 led to officers receiving shorter suspensions or, in many cases, having their punishments overturned entirely.".
The Trace: "Illinois Lawmakers Pass Revised Bill to Regulate Gun Stores, Setting Up a Veto Showdown".