Sex and dating advice and how to avoid abusive relationships

Or do you intuitively suspect that the people who know and love you best will see the truth you are trying hard to deny?
Her husband came over to my house looking for her dating sites for sexual dysfunction an she was just sitting in my room with her tit out.
Cops told me her real age 53 she said she was in her 40s.After the fact she told me she wanted to be with me an that she always had.So we made it a regular thing twice meet for sex in wixom michigan a week for 2 years she called it "movie night".Then wham she hit me in the face closed handed i opened the door to get out an she took off tires screeching with me half way in the car.Some of those thoughts are good, others bad.Maybe even give me some advice.Told me she was having sex with 3 other guys while she was fucking.But when the sex is done, lust by itself can produce the reverse reaction like magnets that cling together where to find sex on the internet until you flip them to opposing poles.Gentle biting brings blood to the skins surface making you more sensitive to touch, allowing you both to come more quickly.Now i fucked her once an it did not leave me feeling good about the situation because of her marriage and my friendship with her son.I honestly moved on instantly an never thought about the The psycho bitch unless i was getting a email or a text.MFM says NO i wont have.She still sends me emails at least once a week with random cryptic comments meant to entice a reply here is a couple of the emails i randomly selected "Coming soon to a theater near you." "Ready to go downtown 5th ward!

I was in my 20's and she was in her 50's.
This is where the fucked up shit happens.
As for the tomfoolery, hi jinks Oscar- worthy performances by the entire cast.