Series ee bond maturity term

Information on government savings bond maturity is important to know when purchasing bonds.
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Financial institutions no longer issue Series EE bonds in paper form, but the paper "Patriot Bonds" can still be cashed or converted to electronic bonds.Minimum purchase: 25, maximum purchase (per calendar year 10,000, denominations: 25 and above, in penny increments.The Series EE Bond is a non-marketable, interest-bearing.S.An individual can purchase up to 30,000 face value in savings bonds in one year.Issued by the United States Treasury to help raise money to fund the government, Series EE savings bonds allow investors to buy bonds in much smaller denominations than traditional corporate or municipal bonds, which sometimes require 10,000 or 100,000 per bond.How Series EE Savings Bonds Work.These bonds earn a fixed rate of interest over 20 years time.Series H and HH Bonds, series HH bonds are purchased at their face value and can only be purchased in exchange for Series EE bonds.Series I bonds mature after 30 years of their issue date.Related Terms Most Viewed Browse Definitions by Letter: # ollow Us Copyright 2018 by WebFinance, Inc.Paper Series EE savings bonds can be purchased in denominations of 50, 75, 100, 200, 500, 1,000, 5,000, and 10,000.Here's a chart: Issue Date Original Term Jan 1980 - Oct years Nov 1980 - April 1982 9 years May 1981 - October years November 1982 - October years November 1986 - February years March 1993 - April years May 1995 - May years June.In other words, the Series EE bond has become a fixed rate bond again since April 30, 2005.Issue method: Electronic, in TreasuryDirect, rates Terms, series EE bonds issued May 2005 and after earn a fixed rate of interest.It is subject to federal tax, however, but only in the year in which the bond matures or is redeemed.A civilian employee of the.S.The date of maturation is important to note when purchasing these bonds so you are aware of the amount of money earned and the purchasing costs.
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Electronic bonds purchased via TreasuryDirect are sold at face value;.e., you pay 25 for a 25 bond.