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24369 Originally assigned to RAF as FA684.
Macr (96th BG, 338th BS) shot down university of essex judo club by fighter at Bremen, Germany Nov 29, 1943.
Assigned to 3902nd ABG, Offutt AFB, NE Nov 12, 1948.
Macr delivered Denver Aug 7, 1943, force landing at Presque Isle, Maine Sep 4, 1943.Re-registered with bogus serial of N7712M and covertly exported to new Israeli.30181 (95th BG, 335 BS, "Lover Boy lost Jan 24, 1944, Torhout, Belgium.4 KIA, 2 POW, 4 evaded.83845 to Navy as BuNo 83995 in 1947 as spare parts source 83851 sold on commercial market as N1098M and converted to cargo carrier.Put on display at March Field and maintained in flying condition.Left formation 5 minutes past Kiel, dropped blazing bomb-bay tank, then dropped wheels adult contacts midlands on the turn from the target and left formation with 2 E/A attacking with unobserved results.24472 (306th BG, 369th BS) hit by AAA and then shot down by Lt Gerhard Seifert in Fw 190A-4 of JG 26/9 over Lille, France Nov 8, 1943.6 KIA, elivered Denver May 15, 1943, to Morrison Jun 10, 1943.Macr 1558 3 KIA, 7 POW.30637 crashed in UK Feb 20, 1944.To 4124 BU at Altus Jul 20, 1945.3144 (301st BG) shot down over Austria Apr 2, 1944.5091 surveyed Apr 3, 1943 Sioux City AAF (379th BG) 5092 to RFC Ontario, CA Jun 14, reclamation completed Amarillo AAF Jun 7, surveyed Spokane AAF Jun 4, to RFC Altus Oct 9, departed US Oct 10, 1945 (last entry in database).Macr (306th BG, 423rd BS) MIA Oct 9, 1942, Germany.30285 (388th BG, 563rd BS, "Mary Allen then transferred to 385th BG, 549th BS, 'Roundtrip Ticket damaged by aerial bombing, then collided with and crashed into North Sea NWS of Hornum, Germany Jul 28, 1943.Crashed near Bingen, Germany.83699 assigned to 537th ABG, Harmon AB, Newfoundland.Aircraft had logged 100 missions.18 In the sequel Star Trek Into Darkness, Uhura has been serving on the Enterprise for a year and is still romantically involved with Spock.Plane crashed in Poland.
5764 to excess inventory list Nov.
3260 (100th BG, 349th BS, *Angel's Tit shot down by Fw Edgar Dorre in Bf 109G-4/R6 of JG 26/9 over North Sea 30 km N of Langeoog, Germany on mission to Bremen Jun 25, 1943.