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postcode sex date

Lauren Backler, bowel cancer campaigner "It's not right that where you live can mean the difference between life and death she said.
Caught at stage 1 - the earliest stage - patients have a 97 per cent chance of living for five years or longer."The chemo was palliative, to give her what is the current maturity date of a series ee savings bond more time." Screening saves lives by detecting bowel cancer in the earliest stages At first Lauren, dad Peter and brothers David, 34, and Scott, 27, were told she had around a year to live.Not a valid Work telephone.Well send you a link to a feedback form.She'd noticed a change in her bowel habits and was feeling tired, but had put it down to her busy lifestyle."Even if they had found it a year earlier, she would have had a fighting chance.For on December 2, 2014 Fiona was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer, within three months she was dead.Work address line 1 is required.At stage four that chance plummets to just seven per cent.We know bowel cancer is more likely after the age of 50 - so it makes sense to screen from then.Description (Click to Edit address, postcode, link.Advertisement, link for All Points, elevation Chart, show Points on OS Map.Lauren delivered a petition to the Department of Health complete with almost 450,000 signatures, to put pressure on the Government to make this vital change - one that could save thousands of lives every year, and the NHS millions.But catch it at stage 4 - when it's already spread - and that chance plummets to just seven per cent.WHY YOU, tell us why you do what you do* (300 words maximum).Tell us why you do what you do is required.Fiona Backler died from bowel cancer three months after being diagnosed at the age.Export Points to Excel, export Points to Google Earth (KML).
But as it was, she had no chance.
"When I sat down I saw both their faces and knew something was wrong.

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Lauren Backler Fiona and her husband Peter were married for 25 years It was towards the end of 2014 when Fiona found herself going back and forth to her.