No strings attached date itinerary

no strings attached date itinerary

No, I get.
Are you into no strings attached dating?
I've got six pictures of baby gender prediction for twins my cock on my phone, and two of someone else's, and I'm still pretty high on the baby gender prediction kit canada cough syrup, so you can take this bad sex on third date with a grain of salt, but.we don't pick who we fall in love with.Did you smell my hair?And you're gonna think back to this moment, and you're gonna call me up, crying.Thank you for asking.Love it, own it, lost it, bought it again.Go for it!My throat starts constricting, the walls start throbbing.Come on, it's soup.Just friends who have sex.Don't take this the wrong way, but you're a terrible person.She is so good at impressions.I need a napkin.Let's make fun of the hung-over naked guy.I liked the show.
You were gonna ask me something before the break.