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During the fact-finding, both the complaining student and the accused will have equal opportunity to impart any information, including verbal testimony, written documents, and supporting witnesses, in separate meetings before an investigatory determination is made.
For parties found responsible of violating the sexual assault policy, available sanctions are suspension from njit with additional requirements and expulsion from njit.
I'm not kidding when I say it's a deal breaker if you don't.However, many may be surprised to discover that the title of this particular play also has a separate and distinct meaning within the context of the law.Pumping my own gas will never be in the cards.Dean of Students dating sites Russian women and Campus Life.Do you know how many opinions one person can take.Non-consensual physical violent contact during consensual sexual contact No student shall perform any acts that are considered to be non-consensual physical violent contact during consensual sexual contact.Prohibited conduct includes but is not limited to: Anal and vaginal penetration and attempted penetration and/or intercourse.Regardless of whether or not a student chooses to make an official report, participate in njit's disciplinary process, or file a criminal complaint, the following lists resources that are available to the victim.Contact Our Law Firm.A bystander acting in good faith or a reporting individual acting in good faith who discloses any incident of domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, or sexual assault to njit officials or law enforcement will not be charged with personal use violations of the njit alcohol.Prohibition on retaliation No member of the University community shall retaliate, intimidate, threaten, coerce or otherwise discriminate against a person who files any complaint, serves as a witness, assists or participates in a proceeding in any manner for violations under this section of the Code.Non-consensual sexual contact may include but is not limited to: Attempted penetration, brushing up against or rubbing another in a sexual manner.Title IX Coordinator, campus Center, Room 255, office Telephone.Non-consensual sexual intercourse and/or penetration is any sexual penetration or intercourse that is unwanted or unwelcome.This policy applies to (1) students, faculty, staff, officials, vendors, visitors and anyone else with a direct link to njit; (2) the conduct listed below; and (3) all njit locations, including off campus locations wherein njit programs and/or activities occur.Consent to engage in sexual activity with one person does not imply consent to engage in sexual activity with any other person.Does that sound like fun to you?People who are born and raised in New Jersey have dealt with more road ragers and sloppy meatheads than most will encounter in a lifetime.As this article illustrates, Romeo and Juliet laws as with most sex crime laws are heavily dependent on the facts specific to the situation.Sexual maturity date for silver queen corn misconduct, which can occur in many forms, is discrimination on the basis of sex and/or gender, and may occur between people of the same or opposite sex, or who identify as lgbtq, and it is prohibited.Marybeth Boger Campus Center local sex offender pictures 255 Office.
Immediate actions that the complainant may request can be coordinated with the Title IX Coordinators office.

If coercion, intimidation, threats and/or physical force are used, there is no consent. .
Victims of sexual misconduct are not required to report an incident to law enforcement authorities.