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City Safety package features an IR laser sensor that can be used with the S60s auto-brake to avoid collisions when the difference in speed is 9mph or less.
Looks like she'll have to use her 'ace in the hole'.
Sophia Lomeli Anthony Rosano.We had the chance to test-drive the new Volvo S60 as part of their.Added: 2 years ago 72 8:00.A video image from the rear camera is displayed on a georgeous in-dash display, and guide lines are projected to help the driver visualize where the car is going.Added: 2 years ago 75 8:01 Stevie Shae Billy Hart in Naught.At speeds above 18mph, an S60 (equipped with the technology package) can be set to match the speed of a vehicle in front.Added: 2 years ago 82 8:00, abigaile Johnson.Added: 2 years ago 100 8:01 Jessie Volt Bill Bailey in Naugh.Naughty Test Drive (Autocross we were then offered the opportunity to drive an S60 around a closed autocross track.I started off fairly mildly, just enjoying the S60s smooth ride. .This system worked remarkably well, allowing me to back up to within 2-3 inches of a target.Added: 2 years ago 70 8:01 Sandee Westgate Jared Grey.Added: 2 years ago.Added: 2 years ago 77 8:01.We were invited to and attended the Naughty Tour without compensation or any editorial conditions, and as always, the above opinions are our own.The quiz is about finding out which "Maid-Sama" anime character suites your personality.Added: 2 years ago 64 9:01, a study for their next test Added: 2 years ago 80 9:01, alexis is horny after reading the.I pushed the S60 to its limits (at least as much as I could on Volvos closed track and oh boy did it push back!

Added: 2 years ago 87 9:01, learning hard stuff Added: 2 years ago 69 9:01.
Added: 2 years ago 74 9:01, in order to graduate Added: 2 years ago 20 9:01.

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