Naughty adult birthday cards

Have A Field Day!
Fun and tangy candy with X-rated messages. .
Available in 100 piece box or 6 pack individual assortment. .
Slip 'em on, eat them off. .InsidetextIt Happens Once A Month.Just like the printed lollies you liked as a kid, smells and tastes yummy. .Have A Happy Birthday!The first time she rich women looking for young men went down on him, Violet was worried that she'd find it unpleasant.She was five-six with a slender build, pale skin, dark hair that fell straight down her back, and blue eyes rimmed in sea-green.M/ay/yhst /m/ay/yhst /m/ay/yhst /g Your Happy Face On And Have A Happy Birthday!3.75 A Sinfully Good Time On Your sidetextHave A Sinfully Good Time On Your m/ay/yhst /m/ay/yhst /m/ay/yhst /g Forgive Me Father Card 4703 Inside Text: Have A Sinfully Good Time On Your Birthday.Didn't know if it'd make it through customs, though, so I have to go out to my car first.3.75 F Ing sidetextHappy F Ing m/ay/yhst /m/ay/yhst /m/ay/yhst /g Blow Out Card 0927 Inside Text: Happy F Ing Birthday.M/ay/yhst /m/ay/yhst /m/ay/yhst /g Up And Have A Happy Birthday!InsidetextStop Your Bitching And Have A Happy Birthday!InsidetextHave Thine Self A Fucking Awesome Birthday!M/ay/yhst /m/ay/yhst /m/ay/yhst /g Head of Lettuce Card 4102 Inside Text: It's Your Birthday, Don't Wait, Celebrate!Who Gives A Shit?M/ay/yhst /m/ay/yhst /m/ay/yhst /g A Happy Birthday, For Gods sidetextHave A Happy Birthday, For Gods m/ay/yhst /m/ay/yhst /m/ay/yhst /g Gay Marriage Card 4755 Inside Text: Have A Happy Birthday, For God's Sake.InsidetextHate The Sin, Love The Sinner!His words were hurting her worse than his hands.