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Schedule of modifications (available adult contacts with to view online).
Housing Implementation Strategy (available to view online).
As you can see from the graph, in 2019/21 the Council is expecting over 1,700 homes to be completed. The guidance note below should provide some assistance with the format and content.A Guidance Note is available to help fill in the form.Copies of representation made to the Focused Amendments to the Pre-Submission District Plan (Summary of Representations available at Deposit points.The Submission documents will be available for inspection from Tuesday 23rd August 2016 online at / districtplan and at libraries and Help Points within the District.Duty to co-operate Statement (available to view online).Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.Please note: this news article is in our archive.Having trouble signing in?A paper version of the response form.We employed a barrister, Robin Green, to represent us at the hearings in September and make this argument.Whilst the consultation is being conducted.All comments must be limited to the Main Modifications and the information that the Inspector is seeking. .A secure e-form online.The other problem is whether the necessary infrastructure adult friendship over because they said were not appreciative in relation to flood mitigation, transport infrastructure and waste water treatment is scheduled to accommodate this growth.The choice of this site was one of a number of possible options considered.Copies of representations made under Regulation 20 (Summary of Representations available at Deposit points.
Should you have any queries relating to the District Plan, you can contact the Planning Policy and Economic Development Team on ( ) or email.
Statement of consultation (Regulation 18 and 20).

Submission Mid Sussex District Plan Sustainability Appraisal.