Meet n fuck star mission walkthrough

You can find this in the stash on top of the crane in Wildlands.
Outside the hotel's backside, there is a Ferris Wheel.
Talk to the Duty leader once you can enter his base without being shot and take some vodka (about five bottles) to the guy he told you to meet at the Freedom base.Sometimes, one faction's NPCs at a checkpoint are replaced by another one that may be neutral towards you.Simalcrum sez: Stash items are randomized on map/level creation.Here it is again: Photec (Norway At the very beginning of the game you talk to Wolf.However, to kill Borov and get the electronic key, you need to go inside the base.In instances when you need to use boxes to get to places (like Strelok's secret room under Agroprom) the boxes present will be unmovable and unbreakable.Make your way back to Rostok and take stock of your inventory.You need some room for a pump shotgun (or two) from Yantar, which should be about 10 kilos or less.The first time you meet it will be under the Dark Valley laboratory, and your scoped AKM or nato rifle (through exploring the Warehouses or Wildlands first) will turn its czech women looking for German men face into something that looked like it came out of its butt;.e., messy.Drop the muscle mutant and explore the room it inhabited for another orange hazmat suit guy and the keycode (9524).If you attempt the mission, "Retrieve the family gun" in the Wilderness from a loner in the Rostok Bar, it is in the tunnel, specifically A long shipping container, with all the anomolies near where you first talked to Kruglov.
Once you take them out, head towards the Lake Yantar cheack point (Still without talking to Kruglov).