Maturity date vegetables

maturity date vegetables

Pull beets for their roots when they are less than 2 inches and not more than 3 inches across, usually eight to nine weeks after seeds have been sown.
Many southern and western states are actually quite well-suited for winter crops, while most northern states simply get too cold.
Grow 80 vegetables: kitchen garden growers guide Related.Quick-maturing crops planted every two weeks in succession will keep your garden producing through the season.Pick corn when the silks at the end of the ears turn brown and damp and the ears are full and firm.Harvest stalks before they become tough.Bush yellow: Cherokee Wax (52 Gold Crop (54 Slender Wax (56).Here are a few indicators: Color.Immature fruits are tender and can be eaten.Luffa fruit is ready for harvest about 120 days after sowing.Finding Days To Maturity Values, you adult froend finders will find the days to maturity on most vegetable and annual flower seed packets.Do not bruise the skin at harvest; damage can cause decay in storage.Use the vegetable garden planting guide to help you determine the average temperatures in your area.Eggplant is usually harvested about 145 days after seeds have been sown, about 70 days after setting seedlings into the garden.The actual number on seed packets is not that useful because you dont know what location the numbers are for.
Continue the harvest until the seed stalk appears or until the weather turns very cold.