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Pressure to review prostitution laws is coming from an EU anti-trafficking directive that obliges member states to reduce demand for human trafficking.
In Bangkok aged 19 I checked in to a place called Mango Inn with two school friends.
Two weeks ago, he says running his hands over his close-cropped hair, a girl said to our manager that some guy wanted to have money from her because he drove her from Romania to Germany.
But Robert likes it here.Some come with fantasies.The prostitutes are their customers just as much as the punters are.She finds those ones exhausting.But that might not be the case for long.She tells me about a 17-year-old Russian - lets call her Klara whose father had fallen ill.Its a big problem that women can sell themselves on the internet.For a trafficker its much easier to go to a country where its legal to have brothels and its legal to manage people in prostitution.I am not OK with that, she says.Between 30 and 50 of them club local swinger come here each day.Its six oclock in the evening at Paradise and about thirty men are padding about the swirly red carpet in wine-coloured towelling robes and green plastic slippers.Now its famous for prostitution, she says, complaining about the loutish behaviour of sex tourists at the weekend.Well, they got their taxes.Its not allowed, he says.