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Biography to accompany a Time Life record set.
Sylvia Fol, (2006) Billie Holiday ; Folio.
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Scholarly research into the sociology of blues and adult friend friender jazz from female standpoint.Despite the outrage, people will indeed forget this incident with time, and women will continue to emulate this girl elsewhere, both in public or private considering the permissive and slut-accepting times we live.Fourth volume of the great black writers autobiography.Thoroughly researched chronicle of Billies time in Paris 19English translation available.A fine collection of essays and criticism.This girl, presently underground, would then be accepted back in the hypocritical world which is shaming her now, and she might even then become a mini-celebrity among the breed of slutty women rapidly being produced today by that very world.Black Americans of achievment series.Small format book to accompany mini CD from Italy.The wall is softer than we think for womeneven slutsin our hypocritical societies today.Shaming them would achieve the opposite.To make it, you have to sell your soul to the devil.How long will this story remain in public memory, and affect female behavior?Do regular Magaluf visitors behave better when they travel sex dating west flanders elsewhere to other party hotspots,.g.The hypocrisy of modern societies is that they always need someone or something to blame, so as to exonerate modern female behavioreither a tourist spot, career, religion, nationality, money, fame, age group, family, or the usual and perennial scapegoat of them allmen.
Robert OMeally, (1991) Lady Day, The Many Faces of Billie Holiday ; Arcade.
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An anthology that captures the drama of Billies life and the jazz age.
You can look at it two ways; shes young, dumb, drunk and made mistakes, or shes an 18-year-old woman who has every right to do what she wants with her body.