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They each say I love you, and then part, seemingly forever.
In it, Shiro explains that hed been diagnosed with terminal cancer and that helped inform his sacrifice.When Harry feels the heat of Marcones goons, he has Susan request a diversion from Martin who complies by crashing a car into the building.Harrys a bit cautious, understandable since Susan is at least partly a vampire, but she is able to enter his home which tips him off that shes not gone full fang yet.Harry gathers up Michael and jumps into the river.Michael warns Harry that the same could happen to him, but Harry isnt in the mood to listen.Apparently the Merlin is relying on his wards to help protect from the vampires.And all of the Dresden Files books, too, of course.It gives Harry some comfort.Harry then notices a tattoo on Father Forthills arm, the same as the corpse that Murphy and Butters had shown Harry.Marcone wants to try to use the Shroud to heal her.He takes it home and buries it in concrete in his lab.Only Murphy has been pulled from the case.
Harry tries to bluff him with the explosive Valmont put in the Shrouds holding tube, but Nicodemus seems to know Harry and calls his bluff.
He knows dateline sex predators the noose will protect him from anything, but surmises that it wont protect against itself.