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Nevertheless, many campaigners still saw abolishing Section 28 as a "a symbolic measure against intolerance and campaigned for its repeal.
50 The amendment was supported by the government and was passed by the Commons in March, by 368.
I think that's probably the best way." women looking for sex in new york 60 In the House of Lords, the campaign against the repeal of Section 28 was led by Baroness Young.But it was not until 1986 that major controversy arose and widespread protest demonstrations made a major contribution towards the subsequent passing of Section.Various other arguments were also used against Section 28 which are summarised as follows: That, by excluding homosexual support groups and appearing to prevent teachers from protecting victims of homophobic bullying, Section 28 was actually endangering vulnerable children.That problem simply doesn't exist now.Greater London Council: 'Changing the World."Obituary: Lady Young of Farnworth".In Scotland the most visible supporters of Section 28 were Brian Souter and the Daily Record newspaper."Margaret local swingers in lake county il Thatcher Queen of Soho - Theatre503 Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho - Book online or call the box office ".78 Although the clause does not explicitly mention sexual orientation, with same-sex marriage not being legal at the time, it prompted The Daily Telegraph (traditionally supportive of the Conservative Party ) to draw comparisons between the two clauses.However, impeded by the 1987 general election, this Bill, commonly called the Earl of Halsbury's Bill failed."Public Attitudes (In Scotland) To Section 28".54 This was replaced on 16 December 2004 with provisions stating that heterosexual marriage and family relationships are the only firm foundations for society, as the statement simplified dating naughty text messages now says: "We will ensure that sex education values family and marriage as the foundation of a civilised."Cameron apologises to gays for Section 28: Maggie's law to ban promotion of homosexuality in schools was wrong, says Tory leader - Daily Mail Online".A spectrum of literature across the ages was cited (in support of these compromise amendments) by Lord Peston.That was the motivation for what was going on, and was precisely what Section 28 stopped.74 The Conservative amendment was unsuccessful, and Section 28 was repealed by the Labour government without concession, with Cameron absent for the vote on its eventual repeal.
81 In light of the media coverage, the Welsh Government announced an investigation into the Tasker-Milward School, 82 and the Department for Education, announcing its own investigation, stated that schools were prohibited under DfE guidance from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation.

NUT campaign to repeal Section.