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Our racial problems are literally over the horizon, out of sight and out of mind.
For not acknowledging Canada has a race problem.
NSW Police advice to a 2012 upper house inquiry into domestic violence warned tracking devices should not replace appropriate custodial sentences.It noted the measure had been trialled in New Zealand and Britain but did not proceed, women looking for women osnabruck largely due to cost.How are we not choking on these numbers?However Ms Goward believes the measure should be revisited.Domestic and family violence is the leading cause of death and disability for women under.The media for not sufciently or persistently reporting on these facts?The adult naughty valentine card Liberal Western Australia government has proposed GPS tracking of serious domestic violence offenders, and the devices are used in several US jurisdictions.And it is not just with the Aboriginal peoples.Fewer than 40,000 live in Toronto, not even one per cent of the total population of the Greater Toronto Area.Those who do live in urban centres are mostly confined to a few cities in the Prairies.'We need to consider what other jurisdictions are doing to combat domestic violence, and how advancements in technology may help improve the safety of victims and, of course, deter perpetrators she said.The school system for only graduating 42 per cent of reserve students?Elders like Chief Ava Hill, cynically willing to let a child die this week from treatable cancer in order to promote Aboriginal rights?

Or it could be because we simply do not see the forest for trees.