List of sex offenders barrie ontario

list of sex offenders barrie ontario

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Life - if convicted of more than one sex offence or a search woman luzern single offence for which the maximum sentence is more than 10 years.Recommendations for mitigation, the security risks that were identified during the TRA were addressed by CSC at the time of the PIA.According to the map, central Kitchener has the highest concentration of registered sex offenders in the region.Penalties for non-compliance, first Offence: A fine not more than 25,000; and/or imprisonment of not more than one year (or both).Ontarios sex offender registry provides police with important and timely information that improves their personals online adult dating ability to investigate sex-related crimes as well as monitor and locate sex offenders in the community.Risk, the possibility that the staff of osor or police forces reproduce and/or print some of the information to which they will have access and that they retain those copies beyond the scheduled period for their disposition.Subsequent Offence: A fine not more than 25,000; and/or imprisonment not more than two years less a day (or both).Safeguarding, risk, a Threat and Risk Assessment (TRA) was completed.Telephone numbers, physical description - including height, weight, build, gender, race, scars/tattoos/birthmarks.Correctional Services Canada (CSC) is responsible for the disclosure of the offender's personal information through a process whereby CSC, on a daily basis, extracts the information to be provided from its Offender Management System and transfers it electronically to osor via a virtual private network.Brandon Snippe, 21, james Albert Cooper, 78, frank Cunningham,.The Ontario Sex Offender Registry (osor) was created as a result of the abduction and murder of 11-year-old Christopher Stephenson by a convicted sex offender on June 18, 1988.Cook, 53 Crime: Accessing and possessing child pornography Sentence: 2011, Dec - nine months jail time, three years probation under a long list of stringent conditions Last Location: Orillia, ON Read the Windsor Square article Read the Orillia Packet article Read the Barrie Examiner articles.Annually between the 11th 12th month after the offender last reported.Christophers Law: A bold measure in community safety.Made subject to an obligation under section.1 of the International Transfer of Offenders Act (Form 1).Crimes: Possession, sentence: 2013, July 14 days prison to be served on weekends.Data indicates that a rapid masters of sex on tonight response during an investigation of child abduction for a sexual purpose is critical.Reporting period, an offender has a reporting obligation of: 10 years - if the maximum sentence is less than 10 years and conviction is for only one sex offence.Location: Welland, ON, read the.After changing a given or surname.
The above would also apply to young persons who are resident in Ontario if they were convicted of a sex offence and tried or sentenced as an adult for that offence.

This service supports the objective of the Christopher's Law (Sex Offender Registry) of Ontario, 2000 which is to "provide information and investigative tools, including information about the whereabouts of sexual offenders that police forces within the province require in order to prevent and solve crimes.
The need for a sex offender registry.
Initially, the ministry refused to release the information, arguing it could lead to the identification of sex offenders living in the community.