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Emms was promoted to Able Seaman in January and later qualified as a gunnery rating. Francis Emms then served in Sydney from September until April It was while serving in Sydneyin the Mediterranean, that his eyesight began to deteriorate and rather then leave the Navy he decided to transfer to the Supply Branch as a Cook.

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The wonderful world of social media graced us Friday with yet another skyborne rendering of male genitalia. The pictures and posts suggest an emerging rivalry between the Navy and Air Force over who is drawing the better sky penis. Similar images appeared on a Facebook page popular among airmen.

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On November 16,the crew of a Navy EAG Growler jet delighted sixth graders, launched a meme, and pissed off prudes everywhere by drawing a penis in the sky with their engine exhaust over the state of Washington. Their prank caused quite a stir in the Navy, even leading to an "official information dispatch" to the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations. It's still unknown how much trouble the pilots got themselves into but the Navy Times has just received a copy of the full report thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request.

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They took photos of their handiwork after it was complete — but when it failed to disappear and just lingered in the clouds, they started to worry about more than the exact outline. Both were disciplined for the stunt in the sky over Washington State, although they were able to keep their jobs. Now details have emerged about exactly what happened, in a report given to the Navy Times.

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In latea mysterious penis appeared in the sky over Washington state. It was never clear where it came from — until now. After the clouds cleared, the Navy took its phallic PR disaster very seriously, conducting a full investigation into the matter and concluding that a Navy pilot drew the masterpiece and that an electronic warfare officer goaded them into it.

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All artists occasionally agonize over their creative process, but rarely are we lucky enough to listen in on the process as a groundbreaking piece of work is being birthed into the world. But on Tuesday, we got a peek behind the curtain of the two hilariously creative Navy pilots responsible for drawing a giant penis in the sky a couple years ago, courtesy of newly unearthed cockpit recordings from that fateful afternoon. Back intwo Navy pilots noticed their jet's contrails were looking particularly big during a training flight over Washington and decided to delight themselves with a bit of aerial artwork.

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Email address:. It was a provocative piece of artwork that could have got the artists in a lot of trouble, but instead led to countless memes and jokes online. How or why the EAG Growler jet crew decorated the clear blue skies of Washington state had, until now, not been publicly known.

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Two U. Naval officers who drew a large penis in the sky with their aircraft reportedly thought the prank "would be so funny" before earning a formal rebuke for their actions, according to a newly revealed transcript from the investigation into the incident. Although the viral sky drawing over Okanogan County, Washington, drew national and international attention at the time, the military's official investigation report was reported by Navy Times for the first time this week. Two lieutenants with exemplary records prior to the incident were behind the prank, and the investigation detailed their conversations with one another leading up to and during the time they made the infamous sky drawing.

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On Friday, folks living in Washington State looked up in the sky and saw. While it upset a few parents, confused some, and humored others, the drawing did not pose a threat or risk to the public, according to the FAA. Predictably, the internet lit up, with NavyPenis trending on Twitter.

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It's long been known that two Navy pilots were behind the infamous "sky dick" episode ofbut thanks to Geoff Ziezulewicz at Navy Times, we have a cockpit transcript of the ballsy pair of aviators as they formulated and then executed their flight into military aviation history. That would be awesome," the electronic warfare officer told the pilot after they had finished a training flight near Naval Air Station Whidbey Island on Nov. The investigation, thankfully, included the in-flight conversation from a video recording system in the aircraft, and it is absolutely hilarious.


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