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Properly used, it lets people speak and be heard who previously were not heard.
Jean Paul Sartre described a publication of the (German) Socialist Patient Collective as "the sole possible radicalisation of anti-psychiatry" and "also a coherent praxis which aimed at abolishing the alleged 'therapeutic methods' for mental illness".
Autismus means absorbed in self Encyclopaedia Britannica, maturity date in insurance 11th Edition For text being prepared for Project Gutenberg see Wikipedia article Other texts 1911 Encyclopedia article on Thyroid: "Thyroid gland was introduced for the treatment of patients suffering from goitre, myxoedema and cretinism, in which diseases.Mental health The "Conference on Mental Health", convened sex offender registry 02740 by the "National Council for Mental Hygiene" (and the Tavistock Clinic) from.11.1929, conveniently marks the replacement of "mental hygiene as a term, by "mental health".1989: "Although uncommon, neurosyphilis is important to recognise as a cause of mental symptoms because it is treatable" compare 1844 "Of every twelve patients with neurosyphilis approximately five have general paresis, four meningovascular syphilis, and three tabes dorsalis.Dirty dates from the 16th century.It is indexed there with several paragraph references.In the 1611 Bible, Acts 28:8 is translated "the father of Publius lay sick of a fever and of a bloody flux ".A related word of French origin being reason tun Old English for hamlet, village or town.1981 Judith Oliver formed the UK Association of Carers.In the introduction to this, David Cooper says "The organising group consisted of four psychiatrists who were very much concerned with radical innovation in their own field - to the extent of their counter-labelling their discipline as anti-psychiatry.In late Middle English could mean a body breaking into its parts, something becoming enfeebled, a falling apart of behaviour (immorality a partnership breaking up, or the end of something.From the mid- 17th century, a place set up to provide work for the unemployed poor.They say consumption became known as "the twin sister of insanity".The 1840 Insane Prisoners Act authorized the transfer of any insane prisoner except civil prisoners) to a lunatic asylum, thus extending the criminal lunacy law to cases of misdemeanour.K5: Other Neuroses, which occurred in Infancy or Childhood (limited to Convulsions and Night-terrors) other bodily affections L1 Haemopoietic System (Anaemia, etc) L2 Cardio-Vascular degeneration L3 Valvular Heart Disease L4 Respiratory System (excluding Tuberculosis) L5 Gastro-intestinal System L6 Renal and Vesical System L7 Generative System.What were "lunatic hospitals" or "madhouses" became "lunatic asylums".Moniz wrote about prefrontal leucotomy in the treatment of mental disorders.Through the profile he spoke to them and they understood him better.