Gonna get laid tonight lyrics

gonna get laid tonight lyrics

In the park holding hands with the kids in the van.
I got game, but I ain't ever woman looking for a woman gain had one like you.
And eventually you gonna want yours like I'm a need mine.When night time turns to day again.Thanks to rammstein_jon_52 for correcting track #6 lyrics.Don't wanna let you go Your special your one of a kind (so.) Don't wanna let you go Some things money can't buy.On your ass, but we can chill and do it right.Watch the sun rise cheefin' on a cigarillo.The chandalears in the atmosphere doin' me nice.Thanks to blackmantha666 for correcting track #2 lyrics.You know, what I like ain't no sense in hesitating.And you are on my mind.But I don't wanna be your man or your confidon.Let's treat our bodies right.Anytime fun personality quizzes buzzfeed is the right time to reveal it when two people.Chorus: Oh get your straight-jackets on tonight.Look ou the window baby lakeside, swans and ducks.Fill the crack, well now you're here, there's no way back.Non-lyrical content copyright Sing365.
(wild, wild, wild) We're gonna get rocked tonight (cum on feel the noize) Rock it tonight (girls rock your boys) We'll get wild, wild, wild OH yeah!
Let's Get Crazy Oh yeah!