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That is why 20 Fingers releases often have a Parental Advisory warning label.
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"We figured there were all these songs by men bashing women and treating women like sex objects.Reviews, add to Collection, add to Wantlist Remove from Wantlist).It peaked the top 5 in several European countries such as Italy and Germany also reached the top ten in other countries, including Austria, Belgium, New Zealand and Australia.UK Singles Chart in 1994.SOS Records from their debut album, on The Attack and More, which was controversial.Strike, reached #11, whereas the original only reached #21 in the.Lyrically they don't always follow a traditional verse-chorus structure such as in "Short Dick Man" or "Putang Ina Mo" with minimalistic vocals and often use simple repeatings such as "Bum, ba da da da da" Lick It "Barara bum bum bum" Sex Machine "Eeny, weeny."I'm in Love" of the french album version "L'Album" has been released as solo single by A' Lisa B, labeled as "A' Lisa B, A 20 Fingers Production".Personality" and "You're a Dog" with moderate success respectively, both with Gillette on featured vocals.What'S your name again?Personality" called "Ugly and two previously released Max-A-Million-produced singles "Take Your Time" and "Fat Boy." find sex offenders in your area map Other songs from their album were released as singles, credited only under the name of the featured vocalist, such as Nerada's "Position #9 Dania's "She Won't Know Rochelle's "Praying for.OH baby, pUT your body oaby.Pure unadulterated SEX tonight, dOES anybody wanna have SEX tonight.Playing via Spotify Playing via.

In Germany and Poland, the two latter mentioned single releases were still credited under "20 Fingers feat.
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