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10 Here the classification appears to be persons residing in Oklahoma after November 1, 1989, who were convicted of a sex crime in another jurisdiction prior to sora's enactment on November 1, 1989.
Gen., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, for Defendant/Appellee.
We conclude it is not.One survey a few years back showed that a full one-third of the American people fear the government.By 1996, every State, the District of Columbia, and the Federal Government had enacted some variation of Megan's Law.19 taylor,., joined by winchester,., dissenting: I dissent for the same reasons that I stated in my dissent in Starkey.A government that cannot control crime for some reason often gets hysterical when good people defend themselves.Cornelius Leader and John David Hadden, Asst.In American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico.Justin jones ex rel.That's why we're leaving this cesspool of Takei's, drug dealers, pedophiles, illegals, retreads, liars, pretentious idiots, scam artists, backstabbers, etc.Anaylsis 7 Out of Hendricks' several constitutional challenges we find the equal protection argument to be dispositive.12 The court found the rational basis test had not been satisfied, holding: here, the Commonwealth argues that its interest in public safety is a legitimate concern, and that its practice of treating in-state and out-of-state offenders differently is rationally related to its efforts.It simply states that cow-1 is not cow-2.City of Albuquerque, 137.3d 1215 (N.M.I knew you wouldn't comment on the research itself.Hendricks (hereinafter, "Hendricks challenges the constitutionality of the Sex Offenders Registration Act (hereinafter, "sora.S., 581 et seq., and enforcement thereof by the Defendant, Justin Jones ex rel.Mean house or direct sex contacts condo value by units in structure - Mobile home Median house or condo value - WhiteMedian house or condo value - Black or African AmericanMedian house or condo value - AsianMedian house or condo value - Hispanic or LatinoMedian house or condo.Both parties thereafter filed for summary judgment.House heating fuel used in houses and condos - Coal or coke House heating fuel used in houses and condos - Wood House heating fuel used in houses and condos - Solar energy House heating fuel used in houses and condos - Other fuel House.If the classification does not implicate a suspect class or abridge a fundamental right, the rational-basis test is used.According to them, anyone in this world who doesnt support homosexuality is either: a).2006 the New Mexico Court of Appeals held the City of Albuquerque's sex offender registration requirements were unconstitutional as a violation of the Equal Protection Clause where they treated non-resident sex offenders differently than resident offenders.
Doe, 513.3d at 100.

He challenged the notification provisions of Pennsylvania's "Megan's Law"11 as applied to him because the provisions unfairly treated out-of-state offenders differently.
We hold applying sora's requirements to sex offenders now residing in Oklahoma who were convicted in another jurisdiction prior to sora's enactment but not applying the same requirements to a person convicted in Oklahoma of a similar offense prior to sora's enactment, violates a person's.