Fixed deposit maturity date means

Many interbank deposits are overnight, including most euro deposits, and a maturity of more than 12 months is rare.
Months, days, date of, fixed, deposit, amount of, deposit, rate of Interest discounted Rate of Interest maturity.Here is a fixed deposits calculator by hdfc Bank that lets you identify the maturity amount and the interest earned when you open.Rate of Interest Calculation, financial Year Wise Breakup of Interest.This is for a couple of reasons.The maturity of an investment is a primary consideration for the investor, since it has to match his investment horizon.Bond, at the maturity of a fixed income investment such as a bond, the borrower is required to repay the full amount of the outstanding principal plus any applicable interest to the lender.Foreign Exchange The maturity date of a spot foreign exchange transaction is two business days, with the exception.S.It is also the termination or due date on which an installment loan must be paid in full.Terms and Conditions, the rates are subject to change from time to time.Know more about, fixed, deposit, use the hdfc Bank.A short-term bond matures in one to three years, a medium-term bond matures in four to 10 years and a long-term bond matures in over 10 years.Deposit gets their principal back after usually having received interest payments during the life of the Certificate.Maturity, a bond with a longer term to maturity, or remaining time until its maturity date, tends to offer a higher coupon rate than a bond of similar quality but with a shorter term to maturity.Prices, or rate of inflation, of over 218 during the time he held the security.Deposit, maturity, example: For example, the.This is a glaring example of how inflation becomes greater over time.Senior Citizen, yes No, type of, fixed, deposit, reinvestmentQuarterly PayoutMonthly local registered sex offenders in my area PayoutShort Term, deposit, term.

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For example, a person who is saving money for the down payment on a home that he intends to purchase within a year would be ill-advised to invest in a five-year term deposit and should instead consider a money-market fund or a one-year term deposit.