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Join Us on Facebook, become a fan on our Facebook page and see what others are saying about.Batch Processing API, if you need to search hunderds or thousands of names in databases we provide a batch importer.Law enforcement agencies decide, on a case-by-case basis what information is to be posted.50,247 clicks 32 comments Category: State Databases Puerto Rico Sex Offender Registry Mug shots and detailed information about offenders.Because the data is self-reported by the registrant and time-sensitive.Do you know how many sexual offenders are in your area?The trailer where men were found hiding has now been seized by authorities.Category: State Databases, minnesota Sex Offender Registry, information regarding Level III Predatory Offenders is posted on the Minnesota site according to Minnesota Statutes 244.052.The men, who come from Mexico, El Salvador, and Honduras have all previously been convicted of crimes including sex abuse, indecent assault and two counts of lewd behavior with a child.The arrests come during heightened tensions over the.S.Find Out More, we provide an amazing set of API's that we can help you integrate!Four were from Mexico, two from El Salvador and another two were from Hoduras, agents said.The truck and trailer have now been seized by the border patrol, and the men have been referred to the Rio Grande Valley Sector Prosecutions Office, a police press release said.Acting chief patrol agent Raul.Get Latest News and Information.The intuitive GPS or tracking feature found within the iPhone can be readily accessed on a computer to identify the precise location of the phone and possibly the holder of the phone.A group of eight illegal immigrant sex offenders, including at least one pedophile, have been arrested in the Rio Grande Valley, border officers have said.The immigrants, six Mexicans and one Salvadoran, were all taken into custody, while the owner of the property was also arrested and was found to be carrying drugs.
10,321 clicks 0 comments, category: News, georgia Sex Offender Registry, access to sex offender information in Georgia is provided to the public as the result of the Jacob Wetterling Registration Act, which was passed by the United States Congress taboo sex and Megan's Law.
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