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In that the format differed from the other international versions.
Matt decides to spend some alone time with one of the girls and picks Christa to go with him.He brings her to a small canopy and a bench and they talk.The series premiered on, the CW network on April 30, 2008.Kanisha finally wins with 14 chickens.In September 2009, sex contacts liverpool Farmer Wants a Wife returned to British television for a series.1 television show for stations that aired.Challenge Winner: Brooke Chosen For Date: Amanda Date: Dinner with Matt's Family Elimination: Stitching Name Eliminated: Krista "Do-Si-Do" edit Original Airdate: May 28, 2008 Challenge: Collecting Sweet Corn (3 x 2 dozen) Challenge Winner: Brooke Chosen For Date: Kanisha Date: Horse back riding and watching.Farmer Wants a Wife is a reality television series developed by, fremantle Media.During the ride, Josie's reply provokes an argument between the girls and when they return she and Kanisha have an argument.She is outraged because they ruined her "almost perfect" date and more arguments arise.Contents, the farmer edit."Viewers" are the number of viewers, in million, watching at the time.Lisa, Brooke and Amanda toilet paper Matt's truck but are caught by him and Christa.1.3.9/2 ( #5 ).96 ( #5 ) 90/96 4 "Do-Si-Do" May 28, 2008 9:00.M.