Farmer wants a wife still together

Two sides to every story: April dropped several hints on Instagram last week that she did not have a happy ending after the cameras stopped filming.
Strong: Last week, she also posted this elegant selfie to mark International Women's Day.Herald Sun"s him as saying.In the final, Kev admitted that he was maturity dates nursing a broken heart after 25-year-old paramedic Fiona decided against pursuing a romance with local newspapers sussex county delaware him.He has now revealed that he was "devastated" when Fiona ended their relationship, adding: "She decided it was going to be too hard for her with the travel.Brand ambassador April - who previously vowed to move from her native Queensland to his cattle station in Pilbara - has not mentioned Matt on social media lately.This comes amid online rumours that Matt and April split following the romantic series finale this week.For most of the farmers this is their last chance to spend some quality time with each woman before they head back to the city.Will has revealed that he is now "just friends" with model Samantha Adams, shortly after it was rumoured that she was using him to further her career.Just ask me and I'll tell you.The male participants on The Farmer Wants A Wife - (left to right) Matt, Lachlan Mcaleer, Julian Bailey and Jedd Routledge - attended a VIP after-party in Adelaide on Monday night.Happy couple: During the grand finale on Monday, Matt said of April: 'She brings out the best in me'.She also hashtagged about being 'quite for too long' (sic adding that there were 'two sides to every story'.'I thought I was doing the right thing by putting other people's feelings first and being quite (sic) but only just realising it's getting me all walked over.In Monday night's final episode, five out of six farmers all confirmed that they were in relationships with girls that they had met on the Australian matchmaking show, but it has now been revealed that only two of those couples are still together.Furthermore, she did not appear to be in attendance at The Farmer Wants A Wife after party in Adelaide on Monday, if Matt's Snapchat updates from the event are anything to.

It remains to be seen why the farmer was partying with the girl he did not choose as his partner - rather than April, whom he declared his love for in the finale.
April - who has previously represented Queensland in the women's AFL - shared a text-based photo on Thursday which stated: 'I hate when people assume s*t.
The Farmer Wants a Wife have ended their relationships.