Farmer wants a wife couple from Luxembourg

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In 1973, "An American Family" became one of the most watched and discussed documentaries in television history. Twenty?If you value your aesthetic, intellectual or emotional life, you simply cannot ignore THE farmer'S wife.The priest told him one time that he has to quit telling me my feelings are stupid and ignore what I'm feeling, but it doesn't sink in with him.".When you have three kids to feed you have to feed 'em somehow.".I have also found tanned hides this way.In this bizarre surreal and superficial world of television, we were desperately searching for something that truly does matter." -west county times "intense, heartbreaking AND beautifully produced" "THE farmer'S wife is a love story.Their story unfolds before our eyes, as it is happening.I can't even imagine.".At the end of each day, Sutherland and his crew would screen footage analyzing what was and wasn't working and how they could make it better.Juanita cleans houses for well-to-do families.Sutherland gained extraordinary access to the Buschkoetters' daily lives and filmed them periodically over three years (1994-1997 staying at a motel near their farm for as many as two months at a time.We actually shed tears, and opend our hearts up to each other. So how does a homesteader on a serious budget do it every year?I watched out of vague interest at first, but then became caught up in your story. They let me use the coupon.In a league with Marcel Ophuls' great 1970's documentary THE sorrrow AND THE pity, THE farmer'S wife saves the very soul of the new television season and shows how good television can be when it's not all about commercialism and profit."When we were asked to do this film, I didn't want anything to do with it says Juanita.They may have saved their farm, but can they save their marriage?
THE meet sex up making OF "THE farmer'S wife" Written, produced, directed, and edited by David Sutherland, "The Farmer's Wife" is a compelling and intimate portrait of the marriage of Darrel and Juanita Buschkoetter.