Striped leg hermit crab

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The thinstripe hermit crabClibanarius vittatusis a species of hermit crab in the family Diogenidae. Like other hermit crabs, Clibanarius vittatus lives inside the empty shell of a gastropod mollusc. This protects its soft abdomen and normally only its head and limbs project through the aperture of the shell.

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The Thin Stripe Hermit Crab has a greenish to gray color body with beige striping running down the legs and long protruding eye stalks; they will occupy common snail shells that they see fitting. The Thin Stripe Hermit Crab is a fast moving hardy crab found in shallow waters all over the Caribbean; in the wild its main food staple is detritus found in the substrate but in the aquarium most all is fair game. These workhorses will need larger shells as they grow and can topple rock work when full size.

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Hermit crabs will devour any fish or other animal they can grab. If you are adding striped crabs to your fish tank, make sure your hermits are smaller and slower than the fish in your tank. If you live by the Gulf of Mexico, you can use natural ocean water in your tank instead of making your own with marine salt purchased at a pet store and distilled or R.

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This hermit crab is green with striped legs and orange antennae and attains a length of 3 inches. The glove will give you an idea of the size of the creature. Pretty ugly, isn't it? The Dwarf Blue Leg Hermit Crab is a great addition to a saltwater aquarium because it eats many kinds of algae, including red slime algae cyanobacteriaand sifts the sand, as well.

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To successfully care for your marine hermit crab, you'll need to set up a fully online for "species of large hermit crab with black and orange horizontal stripes. If you've found a hermit crab on a beach or in the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico, there's a good chance it is a striped hermit crab. Saltwater hermit crabs are active, social and intelligent critters.

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The species Clibanarius vittatus is known as either the thinstripe hermit crab or the striped hermit crab. Abundant numbers of this crab live in the waters stretching from the coast of Virginia down to Brazil: areas of the Florida Atlantic coast provide an ideal habitat for the thinstripe hermit crab. According to the Smithsonian Marine research station at Fort Pierce, the thinstripe hermit crab is easy to recognize.

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Hermit crabs can look incredibly bizarre and have bright coloration, fascinating behaviour and endearing personality. Dave Wolfenden explains Hermit crabs are not strictly crabs.

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Advanced Search. It is utilized by a wide variety of audiences including scientists, resource managers, educational groups, and IRL citizenry. The website is continually updated as new discoveries and information become available. We invite you to increase your knowledge and appreciation of this invaluable natural resource.

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