East sussex local elections 2014

east sussex local elections 2014

Griffiths, Peter John UK Independence 795.9 No looking for wife from Bosnia Obbard, Keith David Green 433.7 No O'Sullivan, Kevin Stephen Labour 158.7 No Rycroft, Chris Liberal Democrat 269.8 No Whetstone, Francis Conservative 1,095.8 Yes Conservative win.
Hailsham Herstmonceux, People who can vote: 17,266.Daniel, Godfrey Labour 1,396 56 Yes Evans, Maya Anna Green 255.2 No Lavender, Jay UK Independence 399 16 No Lock, Matthew Julian Conservative 329.2 No Rayment, Stewart Gregory Liberal Democrat 113.5 No Labour win.Gell, Keith Independent.1 No Lacey, Bob UK Independence 638.1 No Murdoch, Colin Conservative 322.2 No Stonestreet, Gerry Labour 373.4 No Wallis, Steve Liberal Democrat 893.3 Yes Liberal Democrat win.Davies, Angharad Elizabeth Conservative 1,222.7 Yes Gooding, Trevor Douglas UK Independence 824.8 No Prochak, Sue Liberal Democrat 818.6 No Conservative win.Bradbury, Tony Conservative 540.6 No Butler, Carla Jayne Liberal Democrat 784.3 Yes Cork, George UK Independence 724.9 No Price, Ashley Green 140.6 No Woodling, Jan Labour 317.7 No Liberal Democrat win.A total of 49 councillors were elected.Central St Leonards Gensing, People who can vote: 8,462.Galley, Roy Conservative 1,478.4 Yes Meredeen, Bruce Labour 243.5 No Robards, Tony UK Independence 845.4 No Whittle, Martha Amanda Liberal Democrat 309.7 No Conservative win.Total possible votes: 33,306.Because resident numbers change, electoral arrangements are regularly reviewed by The Boundary Committee for England to make sure voters are fairly represented.Barry, Nigel William Conservative 322.8 No Burton, Vanessa Liberal Democrat.6 No Pankhurst, Ken UK Independence 596.5 No Scott, Phil Labour 1,152.1 Yes Labour win.Yes Docker, Dan UK Independence 1,131.5 No Serpell, Tom Labour 327 10 No Watkins, Andy Liberal Democrat 552.8 No Conservative win.Baird Ore, People who can vote: 7,302.Pevensey Westham, People who can vote: 7,625.Newhaven Ouse Valley West, People who can vote: 8,286.You are here, level 1: Home, level 2: Your council, level 3: Councillors and elections.

Barrass, Gavin Liberal Democrat 266.7 No Harvest, Felicity Mary-Rose Labour 269.8 No Kent, Jonathan Christopher Green 475.6 No Standley, Bob Conservative 2,037.9 Yes Conservative win.
Langney, People who can vote: 7,864.
Broadbent, Don Liberal Democrat 595.2 No Goodwin, Bernie UK Independence 1,289.4 No Goodwin, Maureen Joyce UK Independence 1,047.2 No Mthobi, Alex Labour 230 2 No Murray, Douglas Malcolm Conservative 1,099.7 No Popek, Simon Jamie Nicholas Conservative 875.7 No Shing, Daniel.