Dream woman wanted full episode

The gag was recycled for a sketch where Wayne dreams that he's on Melrose Place and then wakes up wearing Heather Locklear's outfit.
Joseph fails to save them and his surroundings turn nightmarish, after which he wakes up with his wife beside him and the sequence starting all over again with a different outcome.One Sam commits suicide to get back.GK Chesterton 's The Man Who Was Thursday : A Nightmare.In the episode "Virtual Slide" of the series Sliders Maggie Beckett has a dream within a dream.A later episode has Greer find sex repulsive taking Shaw out for a tour of New York (under guard) to show her people who can be future dangers to the world.However, it's never stated explicitly, just like a lot in this series.And when Nemo gets into trouble it does not feel as safe as a dream.Hence, Real Life is just a sort of dream state.Walker Texas Ranger had a dream episode, where Partner Trivette free Thai woman to get to know was revealed to have gotten killed at the beginning, and Walker died at the very end, but not before foiling the villains' plans anyway.Naturally, none of the viewers were happy with this.And then she wakes up and realizes that she was dreaming.The first is during a battle with Tsubaki, and the second was one of the battles with Naraku.Few episodes later, in "Taking a Break From All Your Worries Baltar tries to hang himself and wakes up in a Resurrection tank surrounded by Sixes.Two of Laurel And Hardy 's short films used this example: The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case and Oliver the Eighth.How'd I get a jersey with the name O'Neal?Estonia is relieved to find out that he wasn't really sent to a universe containing gender-reversed nations.Two episodes of Patlabor.In the Konami arcade game Devastators, the entire events of the game were actually parts of a movie somebody was watching.But I must write it down before it all disappears, or I will go crazy.
Is is not possible, nay, probable, that my entire life is just a figment of my or someone else's imagination?

Also (according to FFX-2 which retcons some things) it turns out that by the end of the game, Jecht and Tidus's actions have made them real.