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Red Baron : Her Angel Sandalphon has one, as "Throne of Annihilation".
Bishonen Apparently, there is an unspoken rule that there must be at least one on every page.Is It Something You Eat : Constantly, as a result of being a Big Eater and a Fish Out Of Water.The key to finding the actual target, the First Spirit.Tarot Motifs : There was an actual X tarot deck produced as a promotional item, and all the major characters are associated with one of the major arcana cards.Though he is shown in the half volume 19 to be with Fuuma during the Final Battle, apparently to help Kamui realize his "true wish".Ambiguously Human : Early in the series, a few characters have considered the notion that Shido might not be entirely human, given that he can seal and use Spirit powers.Her Inverse Form take it Up To Eleven when a single slash from her Finishing Move Paverschlev creates a Sword Beam so powerful that it not only wipes out most Kurumi clones and Bandersnatch drones fighting in the vicinity, but also cleaves a very large.On top of that, she also manages to prevent the other characters he's relied on up to that point from helping in their usual fashion.Their fates in the manga remain unknown due to the hiatus since 2003.The human world is finally safe, but everybody from the Dragons of Heaven to the Dragons of Earth is dead, and Kamui is left with the grief and incomprehension of why has he had to kill Fuma.Old Shame : In sex hookup apps uk Universe ; Kurumi wore an eyepatch five years ago.Turns out she met his time traveling future self, who was trying to stop her from Inversing.Her Angel Zadkiel even takes the shape of a massive ice hare.
New Transfer Student : At the start of Volume 3, she infiltrates Shido's high school through unexplained methods in order to get closer to him.

Kill Em All : Definitely in the movie, where everybody but Kamui is dead by the end.