Cleaning lady wanted in koln

cleaning lady wanted in koln

The EK2 as far as I can see, is unmarked but the Honour cross is marked A S for Assmann Sohne of Ludenscheid.
A rare and essex local records centre very interesting WW1 British war and victory medal pair and memorial plaque correctly named to; 1856 Private George Robert Ellison of the 1st Northumberland Yeomanry Hussars.
It comes fitted to the sword, so the whole lot is ready to wear or display.
The larger bi-metal forage cap badge issued from 1948 to 1969.A good 1914/15 star trio all correctly named to; 2247 private Brinley Thomas of the Royal Army Medical Corps.Icons of Aviation- Battle of Britain Gift Set 1:72 Scale Made by the firm Revell this 2010 issue modellers kit has four plastic model kits: The Mark 1 Hurricane, the Mark 1 Spitfire, the Heinkel H-3 and the Junkers Stuka.It is in very good condition, a little fades but still clear enough to pick out all the details.A copy of part of his RAF service papers are included, it looks like part is missing.It measures.5 inches fully extended and ready to use.Vintage Britains Ltd Die Cast 105 mm Howitzer Field Gun Made by the Britains factory during the 1960s/1970s this is the model 105mm Howitzer field gun in 1:32 scale, it has moving parts and can fire a small projectile, it measures.25 fully extended and.The 1st Marine Aircraft Wing is an aviation unit of the United States Marine Corps that serves as the Aviation Combat Element of the III Marine Expeditionary Force.It needs a little research into the battalions history, I am sure it will throw up a reason why they had some badges made and issued this way.This is the first time this group has appeared on the market, it has come direct from Belgium with another to an army and resistance officer which I hope to have on sale in a few weeks.Dora Dodd served with the Red Cross VAD in Egypt from 11th September 1915, Egypt was hard place for voluntary nurses to start during the war, most likely she was posted to the 15th general hospital in Alexandria, this was the largest hospital and more.The condition is excellent and I am sure this is a private purchase BD because it is very nicely tailored and very good quality, which stands out.I would think they are either size eight or a nine at a push.2nd Lieut Maurice Marchant.M.L.I.Maurice Fernez Alfortville, Paris, France) was a French inventor and pioneer in the field of underwater breathing apparatus, respirators and gas masks.It shows Mercury, the messenger of the gods (known as Jimmy) standing on a globe in an oval badge which has the regiments title.